Aldehyde based concentrate for high-level disinfection of medical instruments and equipment with wide spectrum of activity: bactericidal (incl. tuberculocidal), virucidal (HBV/HIV/HCV, adeno, rota), fungicidal and sporocidal.

Aldesept MD is intended for disinfection and cleaning of invasive and non-invasive medical and dental instruments medical and laboratory equipment; for high level cold disinfection of heat-sensitive and heat-resistant medical devices, including anesthetic equipment and endoscopes.

Active ingredients:
- Glutaraldehyde 7.5g /100g
- (Ethylenedioxy)dimethanol 15g /100g
- Benzalconium Chloride 2g /100g

Aldesept MD is a balanced combination of aldehydes and quaternary ammonium compounds, which demonstrates strong microbiological activity at low concentrations. It is formaldehyde free and biodegradable. The preparation possesses excellent cleaning properties. 
Organic matter does not inactivate the preparation. Aldesept MD contains corrosion inhibitors and is compatible with various materials which can be treated repeatedly without being damaged.
The working solutions of Aldesept MD are good for use at least 14 days after preparation.


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