Aldehyde free concentrate intended for cleaning and disinfection of various water-resistant surfaces, equipment and objects in healthcare and hospital institutions, as well as for disinfection of infant incubators, disinfection of surfaces in public establishments, hotels, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, food processing and storage facilities, public transport, kitchen utensils. It is suitable as well for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, milking machines and equipment, pipelines in veterinary and stockbreeding establishments.
It has bactericidal (incl MRSA), mycobactericidal (incl Tbc), fungicidal and virucidal activity.

Active ingredients:
- Benzalkonium chloride 20g /100g
- Didecyldimethylammonium chloride 30g /100g
The formula of SEPTOQUAT is based on highly effective combination of quaternary ammonium compounds which shows broad spectrum of microbiological activity at low concentrations. It does not contain aldehydes, phenols and chlorine. Its working solutions are effective in the presence of organic soiling. It contains corrosion inhibitors and different water-resistant materials can be treated repeatedly without being damaged. Septoquat has low allergic potential. Its working solutions have pleasant odor and can be used up to 14 days after preparation.

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